The Board of Silver Creek Village WSC would like to update you on a few of the recent events affecting
the WSC.
As many of you know, Nelson Brock, a longtime member of our Silver Creek community, passed away
shortly before Thanksgiving. Nelson was highly invested in the WSC, serving in the past on the Board and
recently as our Business Manager. In this position, Nelson was responsible for the day-to-day operations
of the WSC. His loss has not only personally affected each of us at the WSC, it has affected efficiency of
the operation. We want to apologize beforehand for any delays in our communications and response
time. We are coping with large void left by Nelson’s passing.
We are beginning the search for a replacement Business Manager and hope to have the position filled in
January. If you or someone you know might be interested, check the website or contact Paul Miller at
[email protected] for more information.
****      New address, 615 CR 128, Burnet
phone number,  830 262-9164
and email, [email protected]   ****
**** for the WSC ****
This past summer, our water usage escalated at the same time as our main water well production faded,
due primarily to the lower lake level. The system was highly stressed throughout the summer. It required
trucking in bulk water and use of our “emergency use only” well 6 to keep the system operating. Drilling
companies declined to do remedial work on Well 1, due to its age. This necessitated drilling a
replacement for well 1. This replacement well, #7, was successful, with production of a little less than 30
gal/minute. As a comparison, well 1 was producing in the 4-5 gal/minute range. To date, all the water
tests are within state guidelines. We are now waiting for final approval from the TCEQ.
The funds for the bulk water ($17K) and new well ($45K) were taken from funds set aside for future
maintenance and repairs. These funds need to be replaced. In addition to these expenses, there are
added cost due to inflation. Therefore, the Board of Directors has voted for an increase of $6.41/month
in the base rate, making the base rate $97.41/month. This increase will be implemented on February’s bill.