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Notice of Annual Member Meeting and Election for Silver Creek Village Water Supply Corporation

Notice of Annual Member Meeting and Election for

Silver Creek Village Water Supply Corporation





Dear Water Member,


  1. The Annual Meeting for the Silver Creek Village Water Supply Corporation will be held at the SCVWSC office, 205 Loma Vista Dr., Burnet, TX, The meeting will start at 4 pm on Saturday, 21 March 2020.


  1. Members who want to address the board or the membership must sign-in on a separate sheet provided by the presiding director indicating the topic they wish to discuss. Members will be given three minutes each to speak.


  1. No motions may be accepted or action taken on issues brought up at the meeting from the floor. All action items must have been included on the posted agenda and notice in the members’ packet. Members can request that items be placed on the agenda for future annual (or special) member meetings or for future meetings of the Board of Directors. This limitation is required by the public notice requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Act and is not an attempt to limit any member’s access to address an issue to the Board of Directors or the membership.


Silver Creek Village Water Supply Corp.


Annual Member’s Meeting

21 March 2020

4 PM

  1. Call To Order
  2. Invocation
  3. President announces the total number of members present at the meeting as of 4 PM. President then announces that a quorum is present and the meeting may proceed. 
  4. Read and approve minutes from the last meeting.
  5. Introduction of the Board of Directors and Staff
  6. Reports:
    1. President reports on accomplishments in 2019 and Corporation status.
    2. SCV WSC 2019 finance report – Business Manager.
    3. Water System’s operation and concerns – Corix.
  7. Member Input – Comments from members who signed up to speak. Limited to 3 minutes each.
  8. Election Results:
    1. President announces election results.
    2. President introduces newly elected directors and, if no objections, declares them as board members to assume the position of directors immediately.
    3. Comments from newly elected directors.
  9. Next meeting 18 April 2020 at 10 am in the SCVWSC office.
  10. Adjourn