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June 7, 2019

TO:  All Water Customers:

Re: Well #1 and Water Conservation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Silver Creek Village purchased the water system that was in place for this community in December 1995 from the Jones-Owens Water Company Austin Texas. Well #1 was the source of the water for this system. No Well Data was received when the system was purchased. Property owners that purchased their property in the 1970s indicated that Well # 1 was the primary water source for the community at that time.

Well # 1 was producing as much as 1 million gallons per month prior to 2011 when the drought started in Central Texas. In July 2011 Well # 1 produced 642,300 gallons, then, by January 2012 production had dropped below 20,000 gallons per month.  Production was -0- by April 2013.

Recently Well #1 is having an issue keeping up with demand. The recovery rate is approximately 15 GPM. This may be the reason the pump burned up and caused us the recent problems. The new pump is running for about 30 minutes starting at 32 GPM and then slowly drops off in GPM due to the drawdown of the well. When the well starts to pump air the pump saver is cutting the pump off as it should. We have the pump saver set to come back on after a fifteen-minute rest period for the well to recover some. We are making adjustments at the ground storage tank to shorten the cycle of the well-run time to keep the ground storage tank topped off, if possible. The well is only going to produce an estimated maximum of 21,000 gallons per day. You, the water users, are using on average 9,500 gallons per day.

Now, with Summer starting, we always use more water, so the Water Board of Directors is asking that all our customers Conserve Water and use only water for your indoor household needs and not for outdoor use.


William Cain, President

Silver Creek Village Water Supply Corporation

PLEASE Conserve Water

"ALERT" ....... The well is working but cannot keep up with the DEMAND!

PLEASE Conserve Water at your home! It is up to YOU the consumer to lower the demand on your water supply.

We sent out...

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Results of cleaning the Well #1

Good News!!

Results of cleaning the Well #1 yesterday.

When we started the work the well was producing 18 gallons per minute. After scrubbing and cleaning the well with the chemical...

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Groundwater Conservation Matters.

Groundwater Conservation Matters. There is something every person can do to conserve water. Americans are some of the largest users of water, per capita, in the world. In the United States,...

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Mandatory Water Conservation Notice

TO All Water Customers:


Recently Well #1 is having an issue keeping up with demand. The recovery rate is less than 15 GPM. This may be the reason the pump had...

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Dear Silver Creek WSC Members,

We are approaching the beginning of the installation of our Nitrate Removable System and the Board has been made aware that we will...

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10 Things That Impact Your Water Rates

10 Things That Impact Your Water Rates

Plagiarized from the Winter 2019 “Texas On Tap”.

When it comes to our water utility service, most people are simply concerned with three things:  is it on,...

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What’s Happening at Your Water Company?

Dear  Water Customer ,

What’s Happening at Your Water Company?

Actually two things, we have Good News…….

  • Your Board of Directors in conjunction with Southwest Engineering Company is...

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The 2017 Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report)

The 2017 Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) is now available to view on this web site at the link below.

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Automatic Bank Draft is Available Now.

Automatic Bank Draft (Available Now)

The worry-free way to pay your water bill. With this service, the amount of your monthly bill is automatically deducted from your bank account and credited to...

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