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The Silver Creek Water Board is pleased to announce its upcoming customer appreciation event, “Splash Day”, on Saturday, September 25.  We invite you to come and enjoy various water themed activities such as a giant slip ‘n slide and water balloon games.  The Silver Creek Water Board will be providing bottled water, hamburgers, and snow cones as refreshments.  In addition, we will present a schematic of the projected new, improved water system.


We encourage local artists and artisans to come set up tables and display their creations for sale and viewing pleasure.  If you own a business and would like to advertise to your neighbors, feel free to set up a table. 


As the day of the event nears, I will be sending out another notice asking for volunteers to provide food for a potluck and staff the various activities.  At this time, however, we are asking for assistance obtaining items for a silent auction to help fund the project.  If you work at or frequent an establishment that might provide a donation (restaurants, hotels, stores, etc.), please ask for a gift card or voucher or let me know who to contact.  Inform them that their donation will be acknowledged at the event, on our website, and in Next Door.  Please consider volunteering other items to auction, hosting a wine tasting, teaching golf or other activity, providing home grown vegetables/eggs, hosting a day on your boat, a night in your guest house…. 


Other items that we need to borrow:  outdoor games, large coolers for holding ice.

Please email or text me if you can volunteer any of these items.


We look forward to a fun day of games and socializing for the entire community brought to you by your Silver Creek village WSC.


In appreciation,


Christine Whitelaw

Water Board Member


[email protected]

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